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Waimangu Volcanic Valley Images

Dawn on Lake Rotomahana, Waimangu Volcanic Valley,
Size: 5620 Kb
Donne Cliffs Hot Springs
Size: 5289 Kb
Fumerole Bay
Size: 5695 Kb
Ariki Moana
Size: 1487 Kb
Donne Cliffs Rift
Size: 8788 Kb
Fumerole Bay
Size: 1211 Kb
Ariki Moana
Size: 2190 Kb
Donne Cliffs Rotomahana
Size: 1501 Kb
Fumerole Bay
Size: 1411 Kb
Ariki Moana
Size: 4735 Kb
Donne Cliffs Rotomahana
Size: 1690 Kb
Patiti Island
Size: 5988 Kb
Ariki Moana
Size: 1504 Kb
Donne Cliffs Rotomahana
Size: 1564 Kb
Shattered Rocks, Patiti Island
Size: 5913 Kb
Good veiwing from Ariki Moana
Size: 1335 Kb
Donne Cliffs Rotomahana
Size: 1232 Kb
Pink Terrace Bay, Lake Rotomahana
Size: 10419 Kb
Donne Cliffs Geyser
Size: 1817 Kb
Donne Cliffs silica formations
Size: 1828 Kb
Pink Terrace Bay Steam Vents
Size: 1719 Kb
Donne Cliffs Geyser
Size: 5499 Kb
Fumerole Bay
Size: 1274 Kb
Waimangu Panorama
Size: 2154 Kb
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