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Waimangu Volcanic Valley Images

Rift Valley toward Mt Tarawera from Mt Haszard
Size: 3526 Kb
Hot Water Stream
Size: 4863 Kb
Trail steps
Size: 6193 Kb
Southern Crater and Echo Crater
Size: 12551 Kb
Hot Water Stream
Size: 17136 Kb
Nature walk
Size: 12605 Kb
Southern Crater
Size: 5271 Kb
Hot Water Stream
Size: 3748 Kb
Safe and easy walking paths
Size: 9011 Kb
Echo Crater, Inferno Crater, Rotomahana, Tarawera
Size: 21314 Kb
Hot Water Stream
Size: 6761 Kb
Warbrick Terrace
Size: 4997 Kb
Size: 15273 Kb
Hot Water Waterfall
Size: 24085 Kb
Warbrick Terrace
Size: 1733 Kb
Southern/Echo/Inferno/Rotomahana Craters/Tarawera
Size: 4330 Kb
Hot Water Waterfall
Size: 5238 Kb
Warbrick Terrace detail
Size: 4641 Kb
Waimangu Rotomahana Tarawera Edgecombe
Size: 2154 Kb
Hot Water Stream - bridge
Size: 7979 Kb
Warbrick Terrace hot spring
Size: 5033 Kb
Waimangu Hot Water Stream
Size: 259 Kb
Hot Water Stream
Size: 19632 Kb
Warbrick Terrace hot water springs
Size: 6746 Kb
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