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"Unspoilt geothermal beauty. We visited Waimangu Volcanic Valley with Thermal Shuttle and also went on the boat cruise. We really loved this place as it is slightly quieter and they have successfully kept the valley as unspoilt as possible. You feel like you are exploring rather than traipsing around the tourist track. There are lots of different walking options to suit peoples' preferences and also a free shuttle bus route if you're in a hurry to get between points or to the boat etc. The staff were very friendly and helpful at the information centre at the start. I definitely recommend visiting here if you want to feel you've seen more of the geothermal activity in this region." Visitors from the UK, March 2016

“Great views.  The park is filled with steaming geothermal activity. It also used to house the largest geyser in the world but that geyser ceased "blowing its stack" sometime in the early 20th century. Very interesting park; lots of photo opportunities."  Visitor from USA, May 2016
“Active geothermal crater/lake. Breathtaking view and easy hike down to see a "boiling" lake. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area and explained the history as we hiked down. He also pointed out the native plants along the way. It was amazing to see the geothermal activity in and around the lake. We only had 2 hours here but could have spent the day exploring the area." Visitors from USA, April 2016
“A great way to see the volcanic activity. This park involved, for us, a long steep walk into the valley, then a 90 minute casual walk to the lake, where we took the free bus back to the start. Along the way you are constantly amazed by coloured pools, bubbling mud, great views, and surrounding nature. You can take as long as you want to walk the trails. This was our favourite thermal attraction in NZ, which cost $75 for two, and well worth it."  Visitor from Australia, March 2016

“Must see in Rotorua.   As you walk downwards you come along all thermal features After hike of 2 hours via Mt Hazard Hiking trail we ended up at the lake after having stunning views over the valley and the craters This parc is totally different then the ones close by town Far more natural and less touristical At the lake a bus brings you back to the car park."  Visitor from Belgium, January 2016

“Not only the pools - also the vegetation. We arrived quite late in the afternoon but were told that we could come back the next day - very helpful. It turned out not to be necessary as we are reasonable walkers - although we did take a lot of photos (but not the trip on the lake). The valley contains steaming pools, coloured terraces and lakes, bubbling hot springs. Also birds in the wooded areas and on the lake. It only lacks an evident active volcano (I mean the cone-shaped type.) It is not only the volcanic elements which we found interesting but also the valley itself - which had regenerated from complete devastation after an eruption not long ago. There were huge tree ferns, lush growth right down to the steaming waters, general native bush and wildlife. Having been to Iceland earlier in the year, this was sooo different!"  Visitor from the UK, January 2016

“4km of ever changing activity  We cycled out to Waimangu from Rotorua which added another sense of adventure to the day. The actual Volcanic Valley requires a 4km downhill walk, but it is not a leisurely stroll and does require a little bit of agility. I believe you could skip this and take a bus and boat but you would miss most of the sites. Every turn of the path there was something new to see, the colours, bubbles, lakes and wildlife were definitely worth the walk." Visitor from Australia, December 2015

"Definitely a must see. This hike literally saved Rotorua from a bad score. In our opinion definitely the best thing to see around. The hike, if you do a side walk as well, takes about 2 hours to complete. It is mostly downhill with beautiful views of the thermal activity sights. The side walk takes you up to a beautiful geyser and some nice lookout spots. We are very happy we decided to come!" Visitor from Croatia, December 2015

 “Wow! Just spectacular.  The Waimangu Volcanic Valley doesn't get a huge rating on Trip Advisor, but I think that's because it isn't as heavily advertised as some of the other attractions at Rotorua. This valley is BEAUTIFUL, and the way it has even developed is lovely. You start at the visitor centre and walk down the thermal valley for about 1.5 hours. The small river that runs down the valley broadens at places into amazing lakes. There are also crystal deposits, a small geyser, some bubbling mud, and mineral terraces. It's all here and all natural! You can take a side loop which lets you walk to the top of one of the bluffs and you get amazing views of the landscape and a couple of spectacular volcanic lakes (one of which fills and empties on a regular cycle). There are plenty of informative signs that explain the history of the area. At the end of the walk the bus picks you up and takes you back to the top of the mountain. Nothing is cheap in Rotorua, but this place is worth the admission price. Not touristy, not cheesy, not over-hyped. Just spectacular." Visitor from Australia, December 2015


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