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“Beautiful.  Stunning landscape, excellent information all the way round and friendly staff. It was an amazing experience and very well organised. Well worth a visit!" October 2014
Fabulous walk. Family walk with kids ages 6 and 8. We proceeded slowly (entire walk took about 3 hours) and took many pictures. The views were spectacular, the informational signs informative and interesting, and the walk wasn't difficult. We did not do the optional hiking trail for fear the kids wouldn't make it, but the walk was lovely without. We took too long to make the last boat trip. The bus ride back was prompt and didn't take long at all. Definitely worth the time and money. I was disappointed we didn't have time to complete the boat ride as well.” September 2014

"We almost missed this fantastic area. We picked up a brochure about this place at Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park. If we hadn't seen it we would have missed a highlight of our NZ trip. You can hike along easy trails for a couple hours to the lake and either hike back or take a bus. We took the bus since it started blowing and pouring down rain once we reached the lake. There are so many amazing colorful out of this world thermal areas along the way. A pretty stream. Lots of places to stop for lunch (pack your own ) lots of steps on the longer route. Do it!!!! There's a little cafe at the top with homemade soup." June 2014
"A Breathtaking experience!  From the moment I walked across the bridge and saw what looked like prehistoric forest beneath me, I was enchanted by the place. There may be no bubbling mud pools or high geysers (at the moment!) but what there is, is geology in the raw. You are right in amongst the making of the scenery around you. On the boat trip across the lake you learn that you are sailing above the original silica pools. On the walk down through the valley, you could see how these pools were made. You have to stop and look at what is happening around you - it is GOBSMACKING!!!! I have never been anywhere like it. You can feel that you are in LIVING, CHANGING and GROWING surroundings. It must not be forgotten that this is a VERY new landscape and that is what makes it so special. There is nothing artificial about this place. It is what it is. NATURE AT ITS BEST. I feel privileged and humbled to have visited Waimangu Valley - Thank you," March 2014
"Natural Beauty.   We enjoyed every single minute in the park! The site is just beautiful. Sometimes the surroundings look like a shot from Jurassic park! And of course it worth every single cent you'll pay for entrance." March 2014

"Fantastic - not to be missed!    This was the exact experience that we were hoping for. We wanted a quiet forest setting with lots of geothermal activity and that's exactly what we got. Even though the car park was full when we arrived we mostly walked alone. We took our time so that we could really relax, take lots of photos and just watch the bubbling water and steam coming out of the rocks. We had so many photo opportunities and seats to sit and ponder. Make sure you pack a picnic lunch and take plenty of water so that you can stay longer. We hopped on the shuttle for the return trip but saw many people walking back."  February 2014 
“Fantastic! If you want to get the best information, choose the Waimangu Valley! At the entrance you'll be asked in which language you'd like the prospect. On your fantastic walk you can't get lost, and if you get exhausted just hop on the bus - free of charge - and go on or back on wheels. A real wonderland!” January 2014
“Must See! What a fantastic attraction. You just can't get a feel for it from the brochures. This has to be seen to be believed. Inferno Crater is possibly the most beautiful natural thing I've ever seen. Well worth the price of admission.” January 2014
“Beautiful, exciting, well-managed and authentic. …What I love most about Waimangu is how up close and personal you get with the different geothermal features of the stunning and well-conserved landscape. You walk along and come across a range of small-to-large geological marvels - from small steaming cracks in the side of the paths, to starkly coloured silica-algae complexes in the warm streams, right up to intense boiling chasms in the sides of cliffs and fluorescent blue lakes. These features don't feel like packaged 'exhibits' presented for you to see - it truly does feel as though you're exploring and noticing different details on your own. The vast majority of other geothermal reserves lack the authentic, untouched quality of Waimangu…..The staff are consistently courteous, knowledgeable and endeavour to enrich the experience of those who attend Waimangu. The local ecology has been respected…. Highly recommended if you want to see a genuine geothermal reserve in its glory.” December 2013
“Wow! This place is spectacular. We went to Waimangu a bit fearful that it would be a repeat of a geothermal attraction which we had visited the day before and found only marginally interesting. Instead, Waimangu turned out to be one of our trip highlights. The scenery was absolutely spectacular, and we were able to get in a solid physical workout by including the Mt. Haszard trail, a short but steep climb, in our walk through the valley. And, the bonus at the end of the walk was a great bird sanctuary in the area where we waited for the return bus. This place should not be missed!” November 2013
"Thank you very much indeed for your welcome yesterday at the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. We were just amazed at the beauty of your facility! We did walk all of your marked trails and enjoyed hours of viewing awesome geological features and colors. We took a few hundred photos and we wish we could have taken even more, as the ones we have can't match the beauty of nature's colors. We also appreciated that you arranged for us to join the boat tour. Your captain did a great job of sharing information and of timing our visit to the lakeside geyser. ...... Again, thank you for a wonderful experience, which we know our subscribers will enjoy reading about, while they think about visiting New Zealand.” October 2013
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