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“Scenic thermal valley. We loved walking through this unspoiled thermal valley. The interpretative boards were really interesting. Paths are well formed and easy going. Take your time for a relaxed meander through this natural wonderland." Visited September 2015

“An interesting and enjoyable with an optional boat tripBeautiful walk, well sign posted with lots to keep kids interested as you walk, with a cafe at the end (or beginning) with delicious home made food and friendly service."  Visited August 2015

Beautiful. Quiet, interesting hike down to Lake RotomahanaWhat a beautiful day out. A nice P\p\\peaceful hike down to Lake Rotomahana with the option to go up and over Mt Hazard. A variety of pools, hot springs and things to see on the way to the lake. Once at the lake a very informative, lovely boat ride around the lake to the Volcano Explosion Point and a stop over the long gone Pink and White Terraces. An Absolute Must for any hiking enthusiast with so much to see on a well maintained track at your own pace." Visited July 2015

“Best geothermal experience yetI will be the first to admit, if the attraction is overly crowded, my enjoyment goes down significantly. The beauty of Waimangu is that the entrance staggers the people they let in, so you are never overwhelmed with too many people at any particular point during the journey. Something I appreciate to no end. I thought it was such a beautiful place, with well-maintained walking trails and an abundance of wildlife (probably due to not being scared away by millions of tourists). The trail from the visitor center to the lake is neat in that you can catch a bus back from the end (which is great if you have children or are tired at the end of the walk). Overall, I would recommend to nature lovers." Visited July 2015

“This is the absolute best part of Rotorua/Taupo region.Honestly I don't know how any other thermal parks are in business after going to this place. It blows my mind how incredible it is. Perhaps people are deterred by the long walk and the fact that it is not your typical tourist attraction. It is much more natural and unadulterated than other touristy thermal parks. But as a result, the thermal activity, streams, lakes etc are like nothing you have ever seen before. This is by far the best attraction and most beautiful attraction in the whole region. Highly recommend it."  ​Visited June 2015

“Stunning! I was lucky it was a sunny clear day when I visited Waimangu. The birds were singing and there were not too many other tourists so we were well "spread out" and able to enjoy the solitude. You pass bubbling hot springs, silica terraces, huge craters and have magnificent panoramic views across the mountains. Even if you are not usually interested in geology this valley will impress you, demonstrating the forces of nature in a dramatic way.” Visited May 2015

“Amazing thermal landscape. This is definitely a must-see. We were lucky that it was a relatively cloudy day with temperatures around 18 Degrees Celsius which made walking a very pleasant experience. The valley is simply amazing - bubbling springs and mud pools, fabulous landscape and the green is stunning. Unfortunately we couldn't walk till the end since it started raining in between and we didn't have rain gear on. So we had to take the bus at the second bus stop." Visited April 2015

"Best volcanic site in Rotorua!  Make the effort to get out of town, this is an immensely impressive place. We went on a day when visitor numbers were low, and only met other ones and twos on the trails. Basically you go on a predominantly downhill walk on good paths, through an unspoilt valley (managed by the Department of Conservation) past the volcanic features, which include Frying Pan Lake (the world's largest hot spring), the near boiling intensely blue Inferno Crater lake, past bubbling mud, silica terraces, finally reaching Rotomahana lake which conceals the remains of the famous pink and white terraces which were destroyed by the 1886 eruption. The boat trip on Lake Rotomahana is relatively expensive, so some people left it out, but we enjoyed the wildlife and the informative commentary from the staff. A bus takes you back to the start point, which is good, because we had walked several kilometres without noticing, and going back uphill would have been tiring!" Visited March 2015
A photographer's dream Consisting of a bush walk, leading to several amazing volcanic features, the Waimangu Volcanic Valley offers a fantastic day trip. You are given a leaflet that guides you along the way, with interesting and well written interpretation on the volcanic features, the history and the nature generally. It is downhill on the way to the lake, although there is an optional trail up and down Mt Hazard. Waimangu is a photographer’s dream, with fabulous colours and vistas all over the site, from the boiling Frying Pan Lake, past geysers, boiling mud and brightly coloured flowing streams of boiling water. The Inferno Crater Lake at the start of the Mt Hazard trail has to be seen to be believed. The boat trip on Lake Rotomahana at the end was very nice,,,,,,,,.Again, you get a good leaflet on the boat, and the skipper also points out the places of interest. Allow plenty of time to avoid having to rush at the end - there are many great views to pause at and take in, and for the patient there are bird-spotting opportunities near the lake."  Visited January 2015
Stunning!  Chose this attraction en route from Rotorua to Napier, having driven past several others with loads of coach parties in the car park. So pleased that we made that decision. Pay your money, I thought it was very fairly priced, and you are given an excellent wanderer guide which guides you through the valley providing masses of information on your walk. Very well presented and organised and not busy at all, despite the rain I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone."  Visited January 2015
“Definitely worth a visit!  We visited this place on a hot sunny day - parking was nice and easy even though we reached around 12 noon. We were travelling with a 7 month baby and though the friendly lady at the desk did tell us we could take the pram along, we were happier carrying our baby in a carrier which was a good idea in hindsight as there are places along the track where pushing/ hauling a pram may get slightly tricky. The terrain is decent since most of it is flat or downhill (with a few steps at some places). The guide map is excellent and there are plenty of pointers/ resting places along the way. Thankfully the place was not crowded and we could walk at our own pace taking in the sights. The whole experience was pretty good and even though we were carrying our baby (who weighs over 8kgs), we decided to do the whole 4km distance and then the boat ride - lovely views all along." Visited January 2015 

“Definitely recommend it.  We were here on a boiling hot day. Booked for the independent walk and boat trip at the end. Walked down the valley taking longer than the customer service person thought we would (2 1/2 hours) as we stopped so much taking in the sights and information. The info sheets handed to us were excellent. Then hopped on the boat at the end - very interesting and good commentary, the pilot (?) happily answering any questions we had. Then hopped on the bus to bring us up the valley back to the entrance, thank goodness as we were worn out from the heat. An informative, interesting day out without being gruelling, not crowded and we could go at our own pace." Visited January 2015

Plenty to see, Comfortable Trails, Lengthy Walk, Bus back. My wife & I, our son and his wife and our 8 month grandson were here in January 2015. The place was easy to find with plenty of parking. We were happy to see no bus loads when we arrived. We unpacked the stroller, packed our lunch and water, paid a family rate and off we went. The trails were packed full of things to see, informative signs and explanations. The data provided was historic and scientific, all good for expanding minds. The views were amazing... the bubbling lakes and streams, steam vents, blue lakes, cliffs, all kinds of volcanic activity and sights. We walked all the way to the end but, skipped the boat ride. We stopped for lunch at bus stop #1, a perfect stopping place with benches and shade.

"The nice part of this walk was we were able to do the entire 9K (I think) trail because they had a bus service that picked you up at the end (bus stop 3) and took us back to the start! You could also be picked up at bus stop 1 and 2 if you wanted to stop early. The last leg was not all that great until the very end where there is an overlook of the volcano and the lake in front of it. If you are choosing between this one (which is a ways from Rotorua) and the local thermal attractions in town, choose this one. Simply more to see in more natural surroundings. We did see the thermal vents in Rotorua as well as those inside the Maori Village but, these are larger and so worth the nice walk"   Visited January 2015  
“Steamin' hot fun at Waimangu.  Waimangu Volcanic Valley is a unique geothermal area near Rotorua. The self-guided track is excellent, because you tramp along and "discover" some incredible hot springs, colorful lakes, geysers, boiling creeks of rainbow hues, fumaroles, and more. The Frying Pan Lake is a large seething caldron full of boiling water, with steam blowing off in beautiful patterns, and can't really be described in words, but needs to be seen. (Check the video.) The Inferno Crater rises and falls over a 5 day period, changing color throughout the cycle. Hit it right, and you are going to be blown away. We didn't take the boat ride, just the hike. This place is an absolute must see in Rotorua. Absolutely worth the price of admission."  Visited December 2014

“Very worth the Trip! We loved this. I thought it was very well priced for what you get. It's a self guided walk (all down hill!) and then a boat ride. The area is so interesting and very impressive. Would definitely recommend!" Visited December 2014 ​
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