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“Simply Fascinating!
 In the 1880's Mount Tarawera erupted, obliterating much of the surrounding countryside.  Waimangu Volcanic Valley offers you the ability to walk down a track through the valley to see how it has evolved since that destruction.  It is a mass of geothermal activity and gives you a great understanding of how geothermal activity works.  Everything is discretely but well sign posted with plenty of explanatory notice boards. The walking requires a reasonable level of fitness but there is the option to stop and return from bus stops 1, 2 or 3.  At bus stop 3 there is the option of going out on a small boat to go around a headland to see even more geothermal activity. The bus trip back is a godsend, because it is only as the bus struggles back up the hills to the Visitor Centre that you realise how much walking downhill you have done.  On a hot day you definitely need to take water.  As an attraction this is far less busy than many but do not be deceived; the science on show here is fascinating.  You should go!" Visitor from the UK, January 2017

“Possibly the most interesting walk of your life!   We've visited this place every time we've visited from the UK as, being interested in physical geography, we've always found it fascinatinG.  This was our fourth visit and again we thoroughly enjoyed it.  The bus ride back to the entrance is welcome after the 3 km plus wander.  ....Here there's history, incredible colours and the world's largest thermal spring."  Visitor from the UK, February 2017

"Amazing scenery in a very natural setting.   My family and I had a wonderful afternoon at the Waimangu Volcanic Rift valley.  We arrived at about 3 pm and had the place almost to ourselves, as I imagine it's less busy in the afternoon.  The whole area had an amazing variation of vegetation, geothermal attractions, coloured pools, waterfalls and more.  We also loved how natural the scenery was, with few (but appropriate) modifications made to the park for tourist purposes.  The only problem, which was our own fault, was that we didn't end up having time to complete the advanced hiking track .....  If you wish to complete this where you will see other craters/no doubt other beauties, arrive around 3 hours before the park closes." ​Visitor from Australia, January 2017

“Great views.  Visited this thermal wonderland as part of a tour.  Great views of the volcanic activity that creates the pools of super heated liquid.  Many mini geysers bubbling up along the streams. Similar to Yellowstone but with rugged landscapes looking like Lord of the Rings."  Visitor from USA, February 2017

“Super cool place to see.  We hired a private guide to walk us through this fantastic place and it did not disappoint  What an amazing place!  The nature was very cool.  We saw lots of interesting bird life.  The guide was knowledgeable and fun.  It was an incredible experience." Visitors from USA, January 2017
“Well worth a visit.  One of the best places to understand the history of the Rotorua area.  Walking through the park - which is beautiful, very well kept and mostly untouched - you will see amazing scenery:  Mountains, craters and all sorts of geothermal-related features.  The boat ride on Lake Rotomahana gives you the opportunity to learn even more about the place and see where the famous Pink and White Terraces were before the eruption of Mt Tarawera.  Buses are available as well but, if you are keen to walk, bring a picnic and take your time." Visitor from New  Zealand, January 2017


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