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"Best thermal area we've visited. This was our 4th visit to Rotorua and I can't believe it took  us this long to discover Waimangu. Probably the  best thermal area we've seen, scenic, great features and we loved the format - walk along the track from the top of the hill down to the lake and catch a shuttle bus back. As we had a toddler (in a backpack), this was the easiest way to see a large area. The large steaming lakes were the highlight, as were the numerous small geysers." Visitor from NZ March 2018.

"A must to visit! A very unusual valley, magical, feels like you got back in time of Jurassic Park or Lost. Very lush nature, a lot of trails to hike."
Visitor, June 2018

"Wonderful Scenery and Walk.I highly recommend a trip to the Waimangu thermal valley, including a boat trip along the lake. There was so much variety to see, and it was a really pleasant walk through the park. Beautiful views and photo opportunities. We're very glad we decided to visit. Visitor, May 2018.

"A Great experience.  An interesting environment that embraces the history of the area. Walk at your own pace and stop to view highlighted areas on the map. Very informative yet fascinating. An extremely well run business catering for all. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit."  Visitor from Australia, March 2018  

“Fascinating geothermal walk. We  chose to walk to the lake, take the boat trip and the bus back. The walk was fairly easy and the features well explained in the accompanying leaflet. The boat trip was well worthwhile, visiting a number of geothermal features, and giving a different perspective on the geology. We had visited other geothermal attractions in the Rotorua area, and thought this by far the best." Visitor from UK, Feb 2018

“Stunning site!
 This is more than just a couple of hot bubbling pools, fascinating colors in the lakes and stones.....It is way more exciting if you look at the greater overall picture. The whole place exploded just a little more than 100 years ago and formed this beautiful valley. It is the valley that is the exciting thing. If you start imaging what it may have looked like just after the big explosion and then compare it to how it looks today it is just impressive!  The walk from the top to the bottom is very picturesque with some great views.If you have the time and the ability, definitely take the little detour via the hiking route. Visitor from Germany, Jan 2018.

"Amazing scenery in a very natural setting.   My family and I had a wonderful afternoon at the Waimangu Volcanic Rift valley.  We arrived at about 3 pm and had the place almost to ourselves, as I imagine it's less busy in the afternoon.  The whole area had an amazing variation of vegetation, geothermal attractions, coloured pools, waterfalls and more.  We also loved how natural the scenery was, with few (but appropriate) modifications made to the park for tourist purposes.  The only problem, which was our own fault, was that we didn't end up having time to complete the advanced hiking track .....  If you wish to complete this where you will see other craters/no doubt other beauties, arrive around 3 hours before the park closes." ​Visitor from Australia Dec, 2017

“Great views.  Visited this thermal wonderland as part of a tour.  Great views of the volcanic activity that creates the pools of super heated liquid.  Many mini geysers bubbling up along the streams. Similar to Yellowstone but with rugged landscapes looking like Lord of the Rings."  Visitor from USA

“Super cool place to see.  We hired a private guide to walk us through this fantastic place and it did not disappoint  What an amazing place!  The nature was very cool.  We saw lots of interesting bird life.  The guide was knowledgeable and fun.  It was an incredible experience." Visitor from USA
“Well worth a visit.  One of the best places to understand the history of the Rotorua area.  Walking through the park - which is beautiful, very well kept and mostly untouched - you will see amazing scenery:  Mountains, craters and all sorts of geothermal-related features.  The boat ride on Lake Rotomahana gives you the opportunity to learn even more about the place and see where the famous Pink and White Terraces were before the eruption of Mt Tarawera.  Buses are available as well but, if you are keen to walk, bring a picnic and take your time." Visitor from New  Zealand



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