Meet Narms - Waimangu Cafe 2IC

Originally from Rotoiti, one of Rotorua’s lakes, Narms joined Waimangu in February 2019.

What’s your role at Waimangu?

I’m 2IC in the café. I help Casey the manager delegate tasks to the team. We have to be role models for the others, and show leadership.

What does a typical day at work look like?

It’s pretty fast paced, there’s always something to do and you’re constantly on the go. It’s always a rush to get prepared for the day, then we have a real busy period over lunchtime. Lots of people come in for coffee or lunch after their time in the valley.

Narms in the Waimangu Cafe

What have you been working on recently?

Well, we’ve just spent some time this week doing fire training. We got to learn how to use the extinguisher, but hopefully we’ll never have to use them!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

The people that work here are great. We’ve got a close staff bond, like a family. It’s way better than places I’ve worked before.

And the worst?  

I don't like making the same food all the time, but luckily we get to make new things a lot and try new menu items. I love making new food. We do group lunches, buffets and picnics for people to take away as well as the usual café menu.

Ginger Slice at Waimangu Cafe

What’s your favourite feature of the valley?

It sounds weird, but the buses to transport people. You don’t see that anywhere else and it means that more people can come. They can just do a short walk and get the bus back up, so older people and people who don’t want to walk lots can still see the valley. And it’s mostly downhill!

What about something people don’t know about Waimangu?

We get a staff bus to work from town. It’s really funny when people get here early and there’s no cars in the carpark, then we all roll off the bus. It’s way better than us all driving the same way and makes more space in the carpark for our guests.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Rotorua?

Definitely Canopy Tours, I loved it. You’re all outside in nature, the views are beautiful, and it’s a bit of a thrill ride, so if you’re after that sort of thing, I’d recommend it!

What do you like doing for fun outside of work?

I’m a big family person, so that’s me on days off. I’m either at home sorting the garden, or we head out to Lake Tarawera to chill.


Posted by Nicki Dent on December 03, 2019