Scientists to use submersible to discover the Pink and White Terraces

A research team lead by GNS science will dive deep into Lake Rotomahana as the hunt for the Pink and White Terraces continues…

This new project takes the hunt for the Pink and White Terraces to the next level, sending a manned submersible down into the depths of Lake Rotomahana.

The researchers have previously used a remotely operated vehicle, and results look promising that the Pink Terraces at least, still remain partially intact. A recent documentary ‘Beneath New Zealand’ uncovers images of what appears to be familiar terrace shapes on the bed of the lake, in the location of the Pink Terraces.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley Chairman Alan Skipwith, explains that iwi kaitiaki TÅ«hourangi and Ngati Rangatihi are supportive of this non-invasive method to find out what really happened to the terraces;

"We're excited to support this expedition at the Waimangu Volcanic Valley, because the fate of the Pink and White Terraces has intrigued thousands of visitors ever since the 1886 volcanic eruption."

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Dr Cornel de Ronde at Waimangu Volcanic ValleyDr Cornel de Ronde from GNS Science at Waimangi Volcanic Valley

Posted by Nicki Dent on June 10, 2019