Steaming Cliffs Kayak

Discover Lake Rotomahana by kayak, paddle to bays full of geothermal wonders on the water's edge. Learn stories of the Pink and White Terraces, the Tarawera eruption and the creation of Waimangu Volcanic Valley.


Allow 4 hours for full experience. Includes 90 minutes guided kayaking.


Tours Daily from Rotorua at 12.45pm, or meet at Waimangu Volcanic Valley from 12pm.


From NZD 130.00


Explore the amazing scenery of Lake Rotomahana on this spectacular guided kayaking tour, in partnership with Paddle Board Rotorua.

Watch the steam rise from the steaming cliffs as you are immersed in the wonders of world's youngest geothermal system. Along the way you will learn the story of this incredible valley as you paddle your way past geothermal features exclusive only to this beautiful part of New Zealand. 

Arrive early if you'd like to walk through the Waimangu Volcanic Valley down to Lake Rotomahana to meet your kayak guide. Allow 2 hours for the full walk (4km) or opt for a shorter walk and join the bus part way down the valley. 

Or your guide will transport you through the valley down to the waters edge.

Once at the lake you will be provided with all the necessary kayaking equipment including personal flotation devices. Your guide will then brief you on the important safety aspects of the tour before keeping you entertained with a how-to-kayak demonstration.

From here you will kayak a short distance before being lost in a Jurassic type world of steaming cliffs and colourful landscapes. Mount Tarawera watches over you from above and the Pink and White Terraces lie beneath you, buried as the 8th Wonder of the World.

Your guide will share the story of the valley as you soak it all in before the return paddle to shore and Waimangu valley.

Online bookings through Paddle Board Rotorua.

Optional - return transport from Rotorua $10. Self-guided walk at Waimangu is not included in this option. 


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Tour Schedule


Online Booking Time - Pick up from Rotorua


Meet at Waimangu – Self Guided Walk


Meet at Waimangu – Kayak Only


Kayak Tour - Departs from Lake



Features & Highlights

  • Fully guided tour with knowledgeable guides
  • Discover Lake Rotomahana from a unique viewpoint
  • Spectacular geothermal wonders
  • Visit the Pink Terrace Site
  • Learn about the 1886 Tarawera Eruption
  • Unique geothermally adapted plant life
  • Self-guided walk at Waimangu Volcanic Valley


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We are located at 587 Waimangu Road, Rotorua, New Zealand.

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