New Eco-Friendly Products in our Gift Shop

It’s no surprise that your visit to Waimangu ends with a walk through our gift shop! But have you really thought about the impact of the gifts you buy, or where they come from?

As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we’ve been looking at our gift shop and have introduced some awesome eco-friendly souvenirs.

Sustainable souvenirs - Made in NZ Tshirts

Made in New Zealand

We’re really aware of the carbon footprint of imported goods, so we’re working to increase the amount of locally produced gifts and products in our gift shop.

Our Waimangu branded T-shirts are made right here in New Zealand. Not only have they not travelled miles to reach us, the Clean Green label exceeds New Zealand’s high legal standards on working conditions and environmental management.

Eco-friendly gifts - Reusable water bottlesReusable water bottles

New Zealand just can’t keep up with the volume of plastic recycling that is being generated. We need to focus on reducing the amount of waste, rather than relying on recycling.

Replacing single-use plastic bottles with a reusable one is an easy way to reduce our impact on the environment. The tap water in New Zealand is safe to drink and tastes delicious, so why not ditch the plastic bottles and take a reusable bottle with you?

Our Waimangu branded glass water bottles look great too and make the perfect souvenir or gift as a reminder of your visit.

Eco Tours New Zealand - Waimangu Coffee CupCoffee cups

We love our coffee at Waimangu, but we don’t love takeaway coffee cups. We have switched the cups in the café to plant-based compostable ones, but we’d much rather you use a reusable one.

These glass reusable coffee cups are available in a range of awesome colours (just like the features in the geothermal valley). Even better, many cafes across New Zealand offer a discount on your hot drink if you take your own cup along with you.


Plastic Free BagsShopping Bags

Single use plastic shopping bags have now been banned across New Zealand, so you won’t find them in our gift shop. We do sell a range of reusable shopping bags with great designs, and many of them fold up really small, perfect to drop into your backpack or handbag so you don’t forget them when you need to grab some last-minute groceries.

 These bags are a super useful gift which doesn’t take up much space in your luggage and a great momento of your holiday.


Posted by Nicki Dent on August 17, 2019