Waimangu App - Rediscover the Pink & White Terraces

The Waimangu App allows you to get the most out of your visit to the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Rediscover the Pink and White Terraces and other hidden content with augmented reality. The Waimangu App is completely free and includes information and features on both the self-guided walk/hike and the Lake Rotomahana boat cruise.

As you explore one of New Zealand's most beautiful and diverse geothermal landscapes, the App provides information and hidden content to connect you with the rich cultural and geological history of the area. 

Uncover the history behind Waimangu Volcanic Valley through augmented reality. Rediscover the 8th wonder of the world, the Pink and White Terraces and bring the Waimangu Geyser, the world’s largest geyser, back to life.

Plan your trip with valley map, points of interest and bus and boat schedules. “My Journey” feature allows you to take and save photos, make notes, and share your experience on social media.

Waimangu App on the Apple App Store

Waimangu App on Google Play


Features & Highlights

  • Rediscover the Pink & White Terraces
  • Bring the Waimangu Geyser back to life
  • Use amazing ‘slider’ technology to move between historic and current day images and locations
  • Uncover what lies beneath the surface of Inferno Crater
  • See the regeneration of the native NZ bush
  • Find out how the world began with Stromatolites in Frying Pan Lake
  • Plan my Trip feature helps you with maps and timetables
  • Save photos and comments and share to social media


Getting the best out of your visit

You can download the app before you arrive at Waimangu, ideally somewhere with free WiFi.

We also advise that you fully charge your phone before arrival as the app can use some of your battery power. We do have a phone charging station available.

The App contains instructions on how to use it, and a map to guide you around the valley and the hidden content.

As you move around the park, the app with automatically refresh with content relevant to your location. You can take photos, and make notes and save them.  

After your visit, feel free to share your experience on social media. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is the App free to download?

Yes, completely FREE

Where do I download the App?

The Waimangu App is available in both the Apple and Google App Stores

How do I download the App?

It's really easy to download. Go to your App store, search for Waimangu, download the app and then follow the onboarding instructions. 

When do I download the App?

We recommend that you download the app before you arrive at Waimangu, but we also have free WIFI available just in case.

Will it use all my data?

Once you have downloaded the App it won’t use your data when you are visiting Waimangu. The App uses special location based technology from within the App, and all the content is already loaded for you to access.

Will it use my battery up?

The App will use some of your battery for sure, we recommend you have a full battery before you start your journey.



Why download the App?

So many reasons! The App has been designed to aid your journey and to unlock hidden content to enrich your adventure with us today. Augmented Reality, live mapping, note taking and journal ability to name just a few of the unique things only available in the App.

Does the App work on all phones?

The App has been designed for use on later model Apple and Android smart phones. 

Can I use the App on my tablet or computer?

The App has been designed for use on mobile phones. Some items may not display correctly on a tablet, and many tablets do not have SIM/location ability required to run the app. 

How do I use the App?

The App itself is very easy to use, and it has a useful introduction to its features and how to use when you download it. You can’t ‘break’ the App so have fun with it, and see what hidden treasures it will unlock for you. Our staff will help where they can as well so feel free to ask questions.

Are there other language options other than English?

Sorry only in English for now – but watch this space for more options in future.

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