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See what other travellers have thought of their visit to Waimangu Volcanic Valley

“Another amazing spot to visit, very informative with great photo opportunities, the walk down through the valley to the boat jetty is rather easy, but about 4kms, the boat cruise on lake Rotormahana was great, again very informative with great photo and video opportunities.”

Peter, Melbourne, Australia

“We had an absolutely amazing Sunday afternoon with our 3 girls at Waimangu Volcanic Valley! The views were stunning, the nature gorgeous and the staff fantastic! They went the extra mile for our little girl who had a fright on the boat before the trip started, and now all she remembers is the funny bus ride and chocolate ice cream. In the meantime mum and the other girls enjoyed the boat trip. Definitely to be recommended for anyone who enjoys walking outside and being amazed by the beautiful volcanic valley with all the scenery, from jungle and bush walks to plains and wetlands, and all in approx 4kms and 2 hours!”

Lynn, New Zealand

“We had a beautiful morning here. I love the sulphuric smell & the geothermal wonders. Volcanic activity is always interesting. The walk is perfect & beautiful.”

Karen, Paddington, Australia

“Can’t recommend this highly enough. Our family of two adults and a 7, 10 and 11 year old absolutely loved it. The walk through the valley was gorgeous. The self guided map tour was awesome, our kids took turns reading the info at each spot. It was perfectly planned out with the walk down (we used the full two hours and had to power walk the last 15 minutes to make the boat), followed by the boat trip and then a ride back up to the top. The boat trip was comfortable, the guide really friendly and knowledgeable and every effort was made to create unforgettable memories. Lunch at the cafe was great too! What a privilege, thank you Waimangu Valley.”

Charlie, New Zealand

“I honestly think my words can't do this place justice. It's breath taking, with flora that changes every 5 min. If you have the fitness ability walt the whole place on foot. You won't regret it. If you get tired they have buses. Amazing lakes and views you will never forget.Pack a picnic and some water and enjoy a day you will never forget. Plenty of benches to rest too. Take your time and son up every moment. Good for couples, families with children that can walk 3 miles & all active adults.ula.”


“We were fortunate to visit when there were no crowds and walked the valley in almost complete isolation which added to the mysterious and prehistoric feel. Everywhere we turned was a feast for the eyes. Our teenage son only wished we could have spent more time there. If you appreciate nature, enjoy an easy hike, want to see something unique Waimangu is for you!”

Dianna, Tokyo, Japan

“A peaceful quiet walk in the rain. We came here on a rainy day, as there wasn’t much else to do outside when in rains in Rotorua. Staff was nice and walked us through the bus stops and how everything worked there. We paid the additional $5 to rent a heat thermometer gun (not sure was the actual name of it is). It was cool to see how hot the water was getting with the temperature gauge. This was a good place to go when it rains. The walkway is graveled and safe to walk on when wet. There is a shuttle that will come pick you up once you walk to the end.”

Spring, Texas

“A must-go in Rotorua, where you'll explore a stunning scenery of ferns and volcanic rocks and lakes.”

Simone, Brasillia

“I hiked the whole of Waimangu Volcanic Valley down and back up again. It's located near Rotorua-where I didn't go because it's too touristy and overcrowded- and that place is just so impressive and wonderful to tramp through...fantastic vapor whirls on the magnificent colorful lakes...great ferns with thousands of different shades of green.....amazing viewpoints to look down into the valley...awesome hues of ever changing volcanic terraces in different lights of the day... I started at 9 am finished at 3pm....a great bus service for weary people or elderly ones to appreciate this veritable gem of nature...great friendly and well trained staff in the visitor centre and to top it all - tasty blueberry scones with awesome coffee ! I've been to copious astounding places throughout this globe but this marvel counts among the top three. Forget the busy Rotorua and delve into the tranquility and wonder of this unspoilt valley.”

Thomas Rhöse, Google Review

“We had a great trip here - very organised walk with lots of information and fascinating views of the craters. The boat trip on the lake was very relaxing and timed to allow us to catch the bus back up. We had a good lunch back at the cafe.”

Penny, Brisbane, Australia

“We stopped in for a quick coffee having seen the sign on the highway. The coffee was great and the quiche and muffin were fantastic. While eating we read the details of the Valley walk and decided to stay and see what it had to offer. Leave plenty of time, don’t rush it, we left at just after 10am and just caught the 1:10pm boat trip around the lake. What an unbelievable walk, really good information on both the brochure and on boards at strategic points. Lots of activity from the thermal vents and the lakes, it took us 3 hours to walk down, and after the boat around the lake we took the free bus back to the top, but you can walk back. A great day out!”

Andy, Hatherleigh, United Kingdom