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See what other travellers have thought of their visit to Waimangu Volcanic Valley

“Another amazing spot to visit, very informative with great photo opportunities, the walk down through the valley to the boat jetty is rather easy, but about 4kms, the boat cruise on lake Rotormahana was great, again very informative with great photo and video opportunities.”

Peter, Melbourne, Australia

“We had a beautiful morning here. I love the sulphuric smell & the geothermal wonders. Volcanic activity is always interesting. The walk is perfect & beautiful.”

Karen, Paddington, Australia

“I honestly think my words can't do this place justice. It's breath taking, with flora that changes every 5 min. If you have the fitness ability walt the whole place on foot. You won't regret it. If you get tired they have buses. Amazing lakes and views you will never forget.Pack a picnic and some water and enjoy a day you will never forget. Plenty of benches to rest too. Take your time and son up every moment. Good for couples, families with children that can walk 3 miles & all active adults.ula.”


“We were fortunate to visit when there were no crowds and walked the valley in almost complete isolation which added to the mysterious and prehistoric feel. Everywhere we turned was a feast for the eyes. Our teen age son only wished we could have spent more time there. If you appreciate nature, enjoy an easy hike, want to see something unique Waimangu is for you!.”

Dianna, Tokyo, Japan

“A must-go in Rotorua, where you'll explore a stunning scenery of ferns and volcanic rocks and lakes.”

Simone, Brasillia