What You Need To Know

All the useful information you need to know to prepare for your visit to Waimangu Volcanic Valley


Waimangu is open daily 8.30am to 5pm 

Last admission times:

Highlights walk    3.30pm 
Lake Rotomahana cruise only  3pm  Cruise Timetable
Walk/hike & cruise combo        2pm 


What to bring and wear

Flat walking shoes, camera, comfortable clothing, rain or sun protection as necessary, baby pushchair (with sturdy wheels) if needed. Take water with you.

For Hiking, good walking shoes with treaded soles are necessary.


At Waimangu Volcanic Valley we recognise that many of our visitors do not speak English as their first language. Accordingly, our visitor guide sheets for Waimangu Valley walk/hike and Lake Rotomahana Boat cruises are also printed in the following languages: 
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, Slav, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese

As well, we have Basic Fact Sheets printed in the following additional languages:

Czech, Swedish, Hungarian

There are several interpretation signs along the walking path. These are in English.

Food and drinks

There is a selection of hot and cold food and drink available to purchase and enjoy in the Café. The café is a licensed premise. Any alcohol purchased from us must be consumed at the cafe within the licensed premise. We do not allow BYO alcohol.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks (except alcohol) to enjoy at one of our picnic areas in the valley. Please do not bring your food into the café area.


Wheelchair Access

Waimangu staff will meet you on arrival to assist you with arrangements. Please allow a little extra time for this.

We will help you access the safe, flat areas of the walking track where you will see many of the geothermal features. Please note: The Inferno Crater and the Mt Haszard Hiking trail are not suitable for wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs must be lightweight and able to fold up to access the shuttle buses and the Lake Rotomahana boat. For safety reasons, we cannot provide access to motorised wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Our shuttle buses do not have wheelchair lifts. You must be able to transfer from your wheelchair up steps onto the shuttle bus.

To board the boat, you must be able to climb up several steps and step across an open space, above the water, between the boat and the jetty.

Wheelchair users must always be accompanied by at least one experienced wheelchair handler during the visit.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or specific details.

Picnic food at Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Safety while in the Valley

You are responsible for your personal safety while visiting Waimangu.
Read the safety instructions on the guide sheet

Stay on the paths at all times.
Supervise children at all times.
Do not damage any feature or structure.
In emergency, go to the nearest bus stop and wait. Phone 07 3666137.

Environmental safety

Plants must not be picked or harmed in any way
No samples of any type may be collected
No stones or sticks to be thrown
Geothermal features must not be broken, walked on, dug, scratched or damaged in any way.
Graffiti is unacceptable
Collect and deposit all rubbish in the bins provided


Safety while on the Boat

You are responsible for your personal safety while on the boat cruise.
Take care while boarding or leaving the boat
Please read the safety information on page one of the Boat Guide sheet.
Obey the instructions of the Captain at all times
Do not go onto the front deck without the Boat Captain's approval
Ensure children are supervised at all times
Stay inside the Boat handrails at all times.
Take care when moving around the boat and jetty.
Report any concerns to the Captain as soon as possible