Waimangu Geothermal Highlights

World unique geothermal features including Frying Pan Lake, Inferno Crater Lake, Birds Nest Terrace, Hot Water Stream, Sinter stalactites, Marble Terrace, Warbrick Terrace, Pink Terrace Bay, and Fumarole Bay

Geothermal features at Waimangu are awesome. There is a huge amount of volcanic energy driving the Geothermal System. This energy comes from a large magma chamber which is approximately 2.0km below the Valley. The magma superheats the geothermal aquifer ( fluids trapped within the earth). Fluid from the aquifer finds its way to the surface along dykes (cracks and fissures) formed during the eruption in 1886. Frying Pan Lake is the largest hot water spring in the World, by surface area, and the second largest hot spring by discharge.

Inferno Crater Lake is a huge geyser-like hot water spring (Crypto Geyser). There is an unexplained link between Frying Pan Lake and Inferno Crater. The discharges of each spring vary inversely to each other. Magnificent sinter terraces and delicate stalactites are forming from minerals solidifying out of the geothermal fluids. Steam billows out of fumaroles. Many hot springs bubble and spout. Geysers play.